Jumat, 28 Juli 2017

Shimizu Mari by heart, hidden story CREEPY DOLLS hole - OUT

Mari Shimizu is an artist from Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, makes dolls dolls. Each doll is unique because the terrible torso content shows various elements of horror and fantasy. In a statement provided for Illusion, Shimizu explains how "We hide our hearts from our family and friends to build relationships with society, such as companies or schools.

The mind hides Japan, so I explain what is in their heart Those with anxiety or heaven. "Some dolls have a child vampire from him; Others contain an interesting scene, like a young woman on a white horse (remember Lady Godiva's myth). Other people who are like mosquitoes, or famous paintings. In this case, and beautiful, magnificent Shimizu statue that reminds us that the body as a container for the world within the complex.
Mari Shimizu - Elizabeth Bathory
Mari Shimizu - Godiva
Mari Shimizu - Inside Vampire

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